Lavender has long been used for many different things such as depression and headaches. In the magickal world, lavender has just as many uses from love to warding off evil. Lavender has been around for centuries and has been used for so many things. The medical world is still researching what this plant can and cannot do. Single women would use lavender to keep unwanted men away, while married women would use it increase passion in a marriage. According to some lavender will keep evil at bay and settle an upset stomach. It seems there is not much that lavender cannot do.
            In years past, lavender was buried with the dead when they died of the plague. This was supposed to ensure that no one else could catch it from the deceased person. Lavender was found in the tombs of long-ago kings and queens although the reason why is unclear. It was also believed to make lions and tigers less dangerous and it will attract bees to your garden to help with pollination of other flowers and vegetables.
Lavender has been used to clear the air in sick rooms and helps to relieve tension as well. Some claim it is good for headaches, but the medical community has not done enough research on this to say one way or the other. Lavender grows well in warm climates and will bloom for a few years before it will need to be planted again if it is pruned correctly. If lavender is watered too much, it could start to wilt and die because lavender likes hot weather and low humidity and relatively dry soil. Lavender also does not do well in the shade all day; it needs the sun to be blazing down on it.
Lavender has many uses medically also though some have not been proven through medicine as of yet. As far as proven uses for lavender, anxiety is a big one. It has anti inflammatory properties and antiseptic properties which make it good for burns and bites. Lavender is also good for digestion problems such as an upset stomach. However, it has not been scientifically proven to help with depression or migraines although some say this does work. While the oil is toxic if taken internally, science believes that it could be a good way to cure fungus on the feet. Some studies have shown this to be an effective treatment.
Magically, lavender has several uses as well. It works well with air and water and is associated with Virgo and Pisces. Lavender can help with psychic abilities and dream recall as well. Lavender can be used to help purify a room or area and can help to increase intelligence. Lavender is also a common ingredient in love spells because it is said to help attract men. Lavender is used to help get rid of spirits and to help a person sleep. Lavender is also known to help bring happiness. This is a beneficial herb for so many reasons.
This is one herb that should be in the materia medica for so many reasons. From the healing properties to the magical properties, lavender is likely something that could be a lot for so many different things. The purification effect alone is worth its weight in gold. Of course, there are always possible side effects that one should watch for and knowing that oil can be toxic if taken internally is information that everyone needs to have on hand. However, with all the benefits that come with lavender, this herb should be in every garden especially if one is growing a medical garden.

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