Your Associations


          I would associate with air things that are blue, things that are fast, and things that are clean. For animals I think of things like rabbits, horses and the like. Stones would be anything blue, sapphire and similar stones. Plants I think of light and airy plants like ferns and rosemary. Colors would be blue first off because it looks like the sky or air. Also, white because it reminds me of clouds. Emotions would be happy and joyful. I don’t have much experience with this, but I think that when I think of air, I tend to think light and fast. I would expect something done with air would be fast acting. Spells or rituals using air should be something that can come about quickly although I imagine this is not always the case.


          When I think about fire, I see red for the color and orange because they remind me of fire. Animals would be the dragon and the tiger because they are fierce. The gemstone I think of when I think of fire would be ruby or citrine colored stones. When I think about fire I think about lust or love and desire but also hate and anger. When I work with fire, I expect a fierce reaction, something strong and willful because that is what I think when I think about fire. It both creates and destroys. It seems to be full of contradictions. The plants that I associate with fire would be peppers of any kind because they are hot just like fire.


          When I think about water, I see light blue for the color or a clear like quartz. When I think about water, I think light, clean, and refreshing. For the animals associated with water I would think the turtle and the dolphin because they are from the water and to me, represent all that water is. Emotions I think of when I think of water are joy, happiness, and elation. Plants that come to mind are water lilies and lily pads because they grow in only water and they are light and clean. Stones that I think of would be quartz because it is light and clean and aquamarine because it has the light blue color of clean water.

Earth is dark and strong a masculine association works well with earth. The colors I associate with earth are browns and greens. The animals I associate with earth are goats and horses, cows, and sheep because they are of the earth. The emotions I associate with earth are joy and contentment. I am not really sure what stones or crystals I would associate with earth because I don’t have much experience working with this element, but I could see tiger’s eye and onyx being associated with earth because they are strong stones. I would think there would be many plants associated with earth. Rosemary and thyme seem like they would be associated with earth. This is an element that I need to work more with to understand better and learn more about. These are just thoughts that have occurred to me as I was thinking about this assignment.


            This is another element I need more experience with. I am unsure of what would be associated with spirit. I think for animals I would suggest rabbits and squirrels because they are light on their feet which is what I would think of spirit. Emotions that come to mind would be happy, joy, and peace. The plants I would think would be associated with spirit would be something like lavender and cucumber. The stones I would think of would be aquamarine or opal because they are light and just seem to be right to me. The colors I would associate with spirit would be white, green, and a light blue.


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