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It appears that rubies can be found in many areas of the world, included the United States. Burma was the main area for rubies at first, but slowly they have been found in other areas around the world such as India, Pakistan, and Myanmar. The ruby is made with high amounts of pressure are exerted on Aluminum Oxide or Corundum. The red color comes from the presence of Chromium.
There are many different legends attached to the ruby. One such legend is that the ruby will change color if there is a disaster coming. This would be helpful for farmers and sailors. Knowing ahead of time, that a disaster is coming one could plan to deal with it much better than someone who doesn’t have that time to plan. Another legend is that the ruby will protect the person wearing it. The thought was that the person would have to physically attach the stone to his body for this protection to be most effective though. Some felt that the ruby would have to accompany the owner to the four corners of the earth to protect his life, money, and property.
Red is associated with power or strong emotions, so it is no surprise that the ruby is associated with the root chakra as this is the root of the self where emotion comes from. The ruby has also been associated with the heart, life force, and vitality. The ruby is also good for wealth, strength, courage, and power. The ruby would be a good stone to have with you if you are working on building your courage to ask for a raise or for specific days off at work. It would also be a good stone to use if you are working on yourself in general or in need of money coming in.
For healing, the ruby is good for inflammation of the joints. This stone is supposed to help bring down the inflammation, so the pain is lessened as well. The ruby has long been thought to have healing properties for the heart, the reproductive system and circulatory system. The stone has also been used to help detoxify the body. The use for the heart makes sense because it is also associated with love. The stone should help to aid the body in problems with the heart. Also dealing with love, the reproductive system makes sense too. The stone could be used to try to conceive or the help with problems of the reproductive system. The stone deals magickly with the life force, so it seems to be fitting that it would help with the circulatory system too.
The ruby has long been touted as the Stone of Nobility because many noblemen have them or have them included in their family crest. It seems that the ruby’s magickal and healing properties are very similar so working with one would likely help the other. Either way, this stone could be very useful when someone is trying to work on the self.

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Diamonds are often sought after because of the clarity and the way they can refract light making a prism. They are one of the strongest materials known to man at this point in time. However, it was once thought that they were made with heat and a large amount of pressure on a piece of coal. It has been found that this is not the case though. Although carbon is a major part of the diamond, it is not from coal but rather from the mantel of the Earth. There are many different legends and folklore attached to diamonds. It was thought that the diamond was created by the devil to lure Eve. The diamond has also been touted as a miracle cure for most medical ailments.

It is believed that the diamond is made in the Earth’s mantel when a carbon atom is joined by 4 other carbon atoms. The heat and the pressure of the mantel forms the diamond. They are then shoved to the Earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions. Another theory is that when an asteroid hits the Earth’s surface, the heat and pressure cause diamonds to form. However, they are now mostly made in labs it seems.

There are a lot of legends and folklore attached to the diamond. Some believe that it will protect against evil. Some felt that the diamond would protect a warrior going into battle. The ancient Romans and Greeks thought that diamonds were actually tears from the Gods. Christians feel that diamonds and gemstones were created by Satan to lure Eve because she thought the flowers in the garden were pretty. So, depending on where you are looking, the diamond has many different meanings to many different people.

The diamond is used in magick for many different reasons. It can help one in meditation to see clearly. It can be used to help with courage and bravery. It is said that the diamond can protect against evil. Since the diamond brings positive energy with it, one should have a diamond in the home to promote both love and positive feelings and energy. If you are starting a new project or embarking on new beginnings a diamond should be carried with you. A diamond in one’s wallet or purse will bring wealth and prosperity. The diamond can also help with self-acceptance. There are many other uses as well for the diamond in magick, these are but a few of them.

It was once thought that the diamond could help with or cure many different illnesses. It is still believed that the diamond can help with metabolism and cardiovascular diseases. The diamond has also been used to help with leukemia and issues with the bones. Some also believe that the diamond can help to curb additions such as food or tobacco. For these reasons alone, one would want to carry a diamond with them all the time.

The diamond has been thought to help with many things. It seems that everything about the diamond is positive from its energy to how it is used. I would think that a diamond on the person would do nothing but good for that person. It seems that everyone should carry a diamond with them everywhere they go.

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There are many different types of Opal, some precious stones and some are not. It appears that each stone does its own thing as far as metaphysical and medical uses. What you would do with the stone will depend on the stone you have. The opal is formed when silica and water mix and then fill crevices in the rock. The opal has been told to be both a good stone and an evil stone, depending on the time you ask about it.
The opal forms when silica and water mix and fill crevices in the rock. Only certain opals are considered precious though. It must have the luminosity and color flash to be considered precious, all other opals are common opals. The precious opal is mined in Australia mostly, but the common stone can be found many other places such as Mexico and Ethiopia. Apparently, some opals have even been found within fossils. As the water evaporates, the silica that is left behind is what creates the opal.
European cultures believe the opal carries hope, truth and purity while others believe it will protect the person from disease and provide the ability to see the future. The Romans believe the opal is a symbol of love and hope while the Arabic’s feel the stone came from heaven. Some believe the stone should not be carried by anyone not born in October as it could bring that person bad luck instead of good. It depends on who you ask as to what the stone could do for you.
The opal has been said to carry many metaphysical qualities. The main one seems to be the ability of clear vision. The opal can help to center the mind making focus easier. The stone has been used to protect against negative energy from those around you. It helps to protect the person who has the stone. The stone is also used for love and passion, it can help to strengthen a relationship and bring more passion to it as well. Its protection powers can help a new mother because it is said to have the energies of the mother earth and has been known to help with conception.
The opal has just as many medical uses as metaphysical. Since the stone is said to quite the mind, it would be good for use with depression because it can calm the person and help to relieve stress. The opal, if kept near at night, can help to stop nightmares. It was also thought that stone could help with vision issues because of its ability to help a person see more clearly. These are just a few of the things that the opal can do to help a person.
The opal seems to be a stone that works on the mind and the body. It can help a person to relax and calm the mind. It can help a person in their relationship or to conceive a child. It can also protect a person against negative energy that may be directed at the person. The opal is a good stone to have on hand for personal growth and protection.

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Cat’s Eye
The cat’s eye did not really become popular until the end of the 19th century when a Duke gave it as an engagement token. It appears that most cat’s eye comes out of Sri Lanka. The cat’s eye has been known to help stabilize emotions and helps a person to stay focused. It appears that most of what the cat’s eye does is related to the mind.
The cat’s is made from a yellow chrysoberyl which some say is a beryllium mineral that comes from several places around the world such as Russia and Brazil. The stone was given the name cat’s eye because of the chatoyant effect that gives the stone the look of the cat eye. There are other stones that form a cat’s eye as well, but they are not as preferred as the chrysoberyl stone and always given another designation either before or after cat’s eye to note the difference.
The cat’s eye stone has long been believed to protect one from the evil eye. It has also been thought that the person who carries a cat’s eye stone will have good luck. Others feel the stone has long been used as a religious symbol. This could be because people feel it is a lucky stone. In Greek chrysoberyl means golden white spar, which is how the stone got its name.
Magically, this stone is used for prosperity and to get back lost fortunes. It is known to work rather quickly as well. The stone is known for protection, it will protect the person who has it, especially from the evil eye. This can help someone to clarify his or her spiritual path if one is trying to decide how to proceed. The stone is also used to help break unwanted attachments, especially to material things.
Medically, this stone is said to help anorexia, anxiety, and possibly cancer. The stone can help one to heal for an abusive relationship. It can help to get rid of stress. It can help one with memory issues and helps with awareness. It can help to relieve fears that do not allow a person to move forward in life. This stone appears to help with improving the self and self-awareness of the person who carries this stone. It appears to be a healing stone that could be used for many different problems that occur in one’s lifetime.
The cat’s eye stone is one that will help a person to heal or to recover from something such as addiction. This stone has long been used for religious purposes and can help one to decide his or her path in spirituality if one is looking to find his or her path. Magically, the stone has many purposes as well. It can be used to help protect the person who carries it from many different things but especially the evil eye. Even though this is a stone that has been around for many years, it has only been in the last century that the stone became popular. However, now, it is a very popular stone that many people like to carry with them.

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It appears that quartz has many uses for many different people. This stone is able to help conduct power and has the ability to help a person see clearly. The reasons a person would want this stone are many. Quartz has been around for quite some time and forms in open cavity rocks and deep in the earth. People have long used quartz for clarity in vision and helps to cleanse the body.
This stone usually forms from silicon and oxygen in open cavity rocks; however, it also forms deep in the earth. In rocks, it takes silicon and oxygen to mix with heat and water to create the stone. This type of formation gives the crystals that one is used to seeing. This crystal is usually clear but can have other colors when impurities are present during formation. What impurity is present will determine what color the crystal will become. Quartz can be found in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States mostly but can also be found in South Africa, Russia, and Australia.
The folklore around the quartz crystal is just as varied as its uses. The Greeks believe the crystal came from Olympus which is why it is supposed to help magnify one’s personal power. The monks see this crystal as a window to the Gods, in other words, this is a sacred crystal that can hone one’s personal power and focus it. The Native Americans also have a legend around the quartz crystal. It is said to heal the mind and show the person how to live as one with nature again should he or she forget.
Quartz has several uses in magick. A person can use quartz to see into the past and future which is why crystal balls are often made of quartz. Quartz dispels negative energy allowing the user to have positive energy to work with. Quartz is known for its help in healing and in visions. Quartz is good for communicating with the spirits. It can help one to determine the cause of an illness or help to find the solution to a problem. There are many ways in which to use quartz so it appears it would be a great idea for all the have at least one in his or her possession.
Medically, quartz is often used to help determine where an illness is or what is causing it. Quartz is used to help balance the mind and the body. Quartz is able to focus one’s concentration and mind. It works on the immune system to strengthen it and gets rid of negative energy. Quartz can help one to unlock forgotten memories. It helps to align the chakras and body in general.
Quartz is an all-around helpful crystal and should be part of everyone’s gemstone cabinet. This stone is good for so many different things that anyone should have a use for one. Just carrying one with you will bring great benefit and help the body to begin to heal itself. This may be because of the electrical conduction ability or something else in the crystal all together but whatever the cause, this is a great crystal to have on hand because it can do so much to help a person.

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