Make it Your Own

Opals are gemstones full of contradictions. There are many legends surrounding this stone and they don't agree with one another. Some claim the person will learn and grow while others claim the stone is from hell itself. Either way, the person owning this stone will learn something, be it good or bad.

The myth of opal comes from the Hindus: three gods – Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu – all fall in love with the same woman. This woman was pure and the Gods were fighting over her and getting more and more violent. The Eternal made her a spirit before the Gods could corrupt her any further.

Being heartbroken, they then gave her a piece of each to adorn her as tribute after she was gone: the red hue of the fires, the blue tint of the skies and the golden rays of the sun. She became sad, and was then turned to stone with the colors the Gods had given her turning her into an opal. The Sanskrit word for opal is upala which means precious stone.

With the Hindi myth, it is no wonder that opals have number seven as their correspondence, for they carry three colors that mixed to make the seven colors of the rainbow (and are even called a “rainbow stone”). Being made from a beautiful and pure woman, it is no surprise that these are attributes of the stone now.


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