KWL Chart

Know (What do you think you already know about Plagiarism and writing papers):

(should be completed already)

What (What do you want to know about plagiarism and writing papers. These should be in question format):

(Should be completed already)

Learned (After the course is complete you will fill in this part. Write what you have learned about plagiarism and writing papers):
I understand the problem with plagiarism and it cannot be done. I understand the consequences of plagiarism. I hope I have a better understanding of how to format my papers that I will be doing throughout my time with the school. I hope I have a better understanding of how to properly write out my sources at the end of each paper or assignment. I am hopeful that this information will help me to make sure that I am doing my own work and getting a better understanding of what it is that I am trying to learn.


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