Grounding and Centering

Grounding and centering seem to be one of the most important things a person should learn if he or she is going to work with energy. This allows the person to ensure the energy level is good and that it is the right energy for the working. There are many ways in which this can be done and some traditions have certain ways they would like this done, but in actuality, it is up to the person doing this to decide what is the right or wrong way for him or her.
One way to center and ground is to imagine either pulling energy from or pushing energy to the Earth. When you are grounding, you are usually pushing excess energy into the Earth with allows you to relax. Centering in making sure that the energy within is flowing the way it should be. The use of visualization in centering and grounding allows you to see where the energy is and where you want it to go. In this manner one can see what is happening with the energy within him or herself to use it more effectively.
Another way to ground and center is to visualize roots coming from your feet and extending into the Earth. One would use these roots to push the excess energy from the body into the ground. According to some, this is both grounding and centering because one is able to focus more clearly after completing this process. Without the excess energy, one should be able to focus better because he or she is no longer holding onto the energy that causing issue to begin with in focus.
The final way is the imagine your energy center is in the center of your chest or in solar plexus. Once this energy is contained you would be centered and ready to preform a spell or ritual. Then after the spell or ritual is completed you would ground by sitting on the ground and allowing all excess energy to drain from you into the ground.
The main similarity of these different ways to ground and center is that one visualizes the excess energy either coming into or going out of the body into the Earth. Each way just provides a different type of visualization for getting the energy from you to the Earth. With each visualization you must focus in order to be able to get the energy from you to the Earth. Another difference is that with each visualization, the position you are in can vary. Some ask you to stand while others say that sitting on the ground is better.
Grounding and centering are usually done both before and after a spell or ritual. It is used to gather and dispel energy from and to the body. Centering allows a person the ability to focus on the project at hand. While grounding deals with the energy that you will use and the energy that you need to get rid of after the project. This is just a good housekeeping measure before and after magickal working so that the body does not have to try to deal with the excess energy.

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