Gem of a Myth

The sapphire is September's birthstone. This stone comes mostly from Sri Lanka and actually comes in more colors than just blue. Although blue is the most popular here. They the same stone as ruby but any other color than red is considered a sapphire but the red stones are ruby. The sapphire can be found in colors of yellow, green, pink, and blue. There are many myths surrounding the sapphire and how it came to be. It seems the most popular myth involves a demon God by the name of Vela.
According to Hindu belief, the demon God, Vela, was thought to be the same type of force that created the Earth. Because of this, he was thought to be extremely powerful. For this reason, the demigods felt he had to be destroyed. They tore him apart and flung him through time and space to Earth. When his body hit Earth, he shattered into a million pieces. These pieces became the different colors of the sapphire stone that we can find today.
It was said that his body became the yellow sapphires because of the color of his skin. His eyes were the blue sapphires that landed in Sri Lanka and are still mined there today for these stones. The power that Vela contained are still contained within the stones today. All through the centuries, sapphires have been thought to help cure the eyes and have long been touted the seers stone because they help clear one's vision. The stones are also good for protection because the skin of a demon is thought to be protective and hard.
The sapphire is thought to have powers of protection for the person who owns one. However, said person must be pure of heart to have these protections. It was once thought that a person who is guilty of something would make the stone change colors, however, this appears to have been done through lighting rather than the stone itself. Because these stones came from a demon god, they were thought to be able to help one connect with the spirits so they were highly sought out by necromancers for this ability. Also being from a demon god they were thought to help with many different maladies such as an antidote for poison and most anything having to do with the eyes.
There are many myths surrounding the sapphire, but this one talks about the way and how sapphires were formed, how they came to be. This myth also discusses some of the properties of the stone because of how they were formed. The protection and the help with vision are both thought to come from the demon god, Vela whose body became the stones when he was flung to earth by the demigods to get rid of the power that he held. The protection properties are tied to his skin and the vision properties are tied to his eyes. So not only does this myth show how the stone was formed, but why it has the properties that it does.

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