Circle Discussion

There are many reasons that a witch may want to create a circle to work in, and just as many as to why he or she may not want a circle to work in. To have a circle or not is up to the person performing the spell or ritual. There are just as many reasons as to what the circle actually does for the witch. It seems that this is something that is just as personal as one's path. Some feel it should be done every time, but others believe that only for really important rituals do they need a circle. Every witch has his or her own ideas on how to set it up and take it down, when to use one, and what it's purpose is.
It seems that the most common reason to cast a circle is for protection. The circle will protect you from evil intentions or disruptions from the outside. It protects your space to keep the bad vibes out and your good intentions in. Some feel that this allows you to be able to more readily concentrate on what you are doing because you don't have to worry about anything else. Some feel that for this reason alone, you should cast a circle for everything, every time you do any work.
Another reason that I have seen over and over again is for concentration. The circle allows one to focus on what he or she is doing because the circle helps to keep everything else out. This seems to say that one's focus is better within a circle, however, this is not always the case. Some practitioners are able to hold their focus even without a circle. This is a personal choice that the person will make before preforming any type of magic.
Another reason for casting a circle is to enhance one's energy for the magic work at hand. Sometimes a witch will need a little more oomf in his or her work and the circle can help to provide that extra jump in energy. The circle holds the energy from the area which can help enhance the energy provided for the spell or other work. Sometimes this is needed when someone wants that extra punch in their work. By casting a circle, one could use the energy that is contained within the circle to help his or her energy to provide more to the spell being done.
There are so many different reasons that one could cast a circle for their work. Of course it seems that there are just as many for why a person doesn't have to cast that circle as well. This is something that the person will have to decide on when he or she is ready to start doing magic work. Some may feel it is always needed, while others may feel that it is not. Some may only use a circle for special occasions. It will all depend on the path that one takes on his or her spiritual journey and what feels right to that person.

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