Basil is a green leafy plant that has been used in both magic and cooking for many years. Usually it is just the leaves that would be used and the stems discarded. There are many different types of basil available so some of the other varieties may need research for how to use them because of different properties they may hold. In magick, basil is often used in money and love spells. It also has properties that allows it to ward off evil. Finally, it is often used to keep the family happy. This last use is done through cooking more often, but spells are used as well. This herb has long been used in cooking because of the flavor basil adds to any dish. Basil is a very versatile herb that has many uses both in cooking and in magick.
Basil is a leafy green herb that has been used for many years in both magick and in cooking. The leaves of the basil plant are broad and soft. The flowers of the plant are small, delicate and usually white. The leaves are the part most often used but some use the flowers as well. For cooking, basil is most commonly used in just about tomato dish or sauce. It has been widely used in Italian cooking. It is also one of the main ingredients of pesto sauces. Basil is very versatile and adds a sweet flavor to what you are cooking. In magick, basil is often used in love spells because it has been proven effective for such things. Basil is spread at the door to bring the house both prosperity and success to those who live within. It has also been said that if you sprinkle basil on the floor and then sweep it out the door, you will keep evil at bay and it cannot enter your house.
Some feel that basil is a plant ruled by mars under the scorpion. That basil got it's name basilicon so it's related to the basilisk. Basil has been called the kings herb and it is though that it was used as bath in early times. Basil also has medicinal properties of being antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral. This herb would be good to provide the someone with many different issues such as arthritis or a bacterial or viral infection. This falls in line with the magickal properties of protection that have long been associated with basil.
Basil protects against evil when it is sprinkled on the floor and swept out the door. It is also a protection against evil if steeped in water and sprinkled at the door. However, it is also said that this application will make sure your family is happy and encourage prosperity and success. Basil is used to attract love as well. It is said that one could rub a leaf on the body to attract love right away. How true this is though, remains to be seen.
With all the uses for basil, it's no wonder that it is considered a royal herb. From love to happiness and protection basil has got to be one of the most versatile herbs available on the market. It's a fairly hardy plant that does well in hot dry areas and is easy to cultivate. So just about anyone can easily grow it at home. It can be used in cooking, medicine, and magick to bring about the results one is after from it's magickal properties. So even if one is not a kitchen witch, this herb is still a good one to have around the house.
This is one herb that should be in everyone's herb cabinet. For help with love and happiness for your family, to protection and medication, basil has a use for most anything one could think to use it for. As a kitchen witch, this herb is priceless to have around. As a witch in general, it's still a good herb to have around because of everything it can do. The fact that it is easy to grow means that every witch should be able to have a fresh supply of basil all the time. The medicinal properties alone make this herb worth it's weight in gold.

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