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Grounding and Centering

Grounding and centering seem to be one of the most important things a person should learn if he or she is going to work with energy. This allows the person to ensure the energy level is good and that it is the right energy for the working. There are many ways in which this can be done and some traditions have certain ways they would like this done, but in actuality, it is up to the person doing this to decide what is the right or wrong way for him or her. One way to center and ground is to imagine either pulling energy from or pushing energy to the Earth. When you are grounding, you are usually pushing excess energy into the Earth with allows you to relax. Centering in making sure that the energy within is flowing the way it should be. The use of visualization in centering and grounding allows you to see where the energy is and where you want it to go. In this manner one can see what is happening with the energy within him or herself to use it more effectively. Another way to ground an

KWL Chart

Know (What do you think you already know about Plagiarism and writing papers): (should be completed already) What (What do you want to know about plagiarism and writing papers. These should be in question format): (Should be completed already) Learned (After the course is complete you will fill in this part. Write what you have learned about plagiarism and writing papers): I understand the problem with plagiarism and it cannot be done. I understand the consequences of plagiarism. I hope I have a better understanding of how to format my papers that I will be doing throughout my time with the school. I hope I have a better understanding of how to properly write out my sources at the end of each paper or assignment. I am hopeful that this information will help me to make sure that I am doing my own work and getting a better understanding of what it is that I am trying to learn.


First, I would change the color of the text to black. Then the font to Times New Roman. I would remove the Lol and extra exclamation points from the first sentence. I would remove the extra exclamation points from the second sentence. I would remove the extra periods from the second sentence. I would remove the ykr, question marks and exclamation points from the third sentence. I would remove the face at the end of the last sentence. I would fix the capitalization of the sentences as well to make them proper for writing. The file type .csv is the incorrect file type for this assignment. It would need to be in a word document or something similar. The way it should look is below. The cloud that shows that someone’s talking in a comic or a drawing is a very clear symbol of communication, so are music notes or music sheets because they are a method of communication. Envelopes also show that there’s a possibility of communication, as well as pencils, quills, or typewriters (which are the m

Add Your Sources

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Proper Sources

Cunningham, Scott (2000), Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Llewellyn Publications, 2nd Edition, pages 45, 46, and 118 Grounded in the Earth Magickal Uses for Lavender Author Autumn Moon ... r-lavender Kinnear, Cara Interview, November 3, 2019, Contact email Kynes, Sandra, (2013), The Complete Book of Correspondences, Llewellyn Publications, position 25987 and 32198 RHS How to Grow Lavender Author The Royal Horticultural Society ... wing-guide The Witchipedia Lavender Author The Witchipedian ... /lavender/


Basil Basil is a green leafy plant that has been used in both magic and cooking for many years. Usually it is just the leaves that would be used and the stems discarded. There are many different types of basil available so some of the other varieties may need research for how to use them because of different properties they may hold. In magick, basil is often used in money and love spells. It also has properties that allows it to ward off evil. Finally, it is often used to keep the family happy. This last use is done through cooking more often, but spells are used as well. This herb has long been used in cooking because of the flavor basil adds to any dish. Basil is a very versatile herb that has many uses both in cooking and in magick. Basil is a leafy green herb that has been used for many years in both magick and in cooking. The leaves of the basil plant are broad and soft. The flowers of the plant are small, delicate and usually white. The leaves are the part most often used but so

Gem of a Myth

The sapphire is September's birthstone. This stone comes mostly from Sri Lanka and actually comes in more colors than just blue. Although blue is the most popular here. They the same stone as ruby but any other color than red is considered a sapphire but the red stones are ruby. The sapphire can be found in colors of yellow, green, pink, and blue. There are many myths surrounding the sapphire and how it came to be. It seems the most popular myth involves a demon God by the name of Vela. According to Hindu belief, the demon God, Vela, was thought to be the same type of force that created the Earth. Because of this, he was thought to be extremely powerful. For this reason, the demigods felt he had to be destroyed. They tore him apart and flung him through time and space to Earth. When his body hit Earth, he shattered into a million pieces. These pieces became the different colors of the sapphire stone that we can find today. It was said that his body became the yellow sapphires becau

Circle Discussion

There are many reasons that a witch may want to create a circle to work in, and just as many as to why he or she may not want a circle to work in. To have a circle or not is up to the person performing the spell or ritual. There are just as many reasons as to what the circle actually does for the witch. It seems that this is something that is just as personal as one's path. Some feel it should be done every time, but others believe that only for really important rituals do they need a circle. Every witch has his or her own ideas on how to set it up and take it down, when to use one, and what it's purpose is. It seems that the most common reason to cast a circle is for protection. The circle will protect you from evil intentions or disruptions from the outside. It protects your space to keep the bad vibes out and your good intentions in. Some feel that this allows you to be able to more readily concentrate on what you are doing because you don't have to worry about anything

Final Essay Questions

1. What do the terms empathy and sympathy mean to you? To me, empathy is being able to feel someone else's feelings. Sympathy is being able to put yourself in their shoes, while not actually feeling what the other person is feeling. Empathy is being able to put yourself in another's shoes while also actually feeling what he or she feels. 2. Do you feel that compassion is a natural result of being empathetic? No. Compassion is something a person must work at. I know when I get bombarded with many different emotions at once, it is very hard to be compassionate. When I get bombarded with many different emotions, I have to work at detangling them and figuring out where they are coming from before I can feel any compassion about any of it. 3. Do you notice an affinity towards a specific aspect of empathy? Yes. I seem to have an easier time feeling other people rather than places or situations. I can usually read a person right off but a place or a situation requires a bit more conce

Make it Your Own

Opals are gemstones full of contradictions. There are many legends surrounding this stone and they don't agree with one another. Some claim the person will learn and grow while others claim the stone is from hell itself. Either way, the person owning this stone will learn something, be it good or bad. The myth of opal comes from the Hindus: three gods – Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu – all fall in love with the same woman. This woman was pure and the Gods were fighting over her and getting more and more violent. The Eternal made her a spirit before the Gods could corrupt her any further. Being heartbroken, they then gave her a piece of each to adorn her as tribute after she was gone: the red hue of the fires, the blue tint of the skies and the golden rays of the sun. She became sad, and was then turned to stone with the colors the Gods had given her turning her into an opal. The Sanskrit word for opal is upala which means precious stone. With the Hindi myth, it is no wonder that opals h