Your Analysis

1. These would be short answer questions. The student would have to write short answers to each of the provided questions. Because in the instructions there is no mention of sources, these answers will be opinion based according to the student.

2. This one is a research paper. Research papers must have a minimum of 5 sources. A research paper
is fact and research based. This is not where you would use opinion. This is asking the student to write a research paper on the topic provided.

3. The student is being asked to perform a mediation and then journal on that meditation. Journal assignments are based on what you felt, did, or experienced. This should be written in as much detail as possible so your teacher can provide you with the best feedback possible since this is a personal assignment and will be different for each student.

4. This assignment is asking for a research paper and a correspondence chart. The student needs to do research on the topic provided and write a research based paper on the topic. The student also needs to make a correspondence chart on the topic given. Since this is a research based assignment, the student should have at least 5 sources.

5. This assignment is asking the student to read a book and then write an essay about the book. The essay can have opinion in it, if it is backed up with fact and research. The essay should have a minimum of 3 sources.


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