Protection Meditations

Day 1, December 16, 2019, Powerful Spiritual Protection Cleansing White Light Meditation - I really like this meditation. The sense of calm that came over me is like nothing I have felt in a very long time. I was able to block out so much noise that I deal with on a daily basis. At the start of the playback, I was feeling like it wasn't going to work for me probably because many that I have tried don't seem to work very well for me. I can never seem to get to that place where my mind is calm. So this experience was something I've been looking for. The white light felt warm and inviting. Like a friend's house can be. Afterwards, I had so much energy. This was strange for me because I am usually always tired. It was amazing to actually have some energy to get some things done. I think the idea of the force field was very helpful for me as well. I felt good after doing this mediation.

Day 2, December 17, 2019, White Light Protection: "Warrior of Light" - I am having a hard time with this one. Before doing this assignment I listened to each video to see what it would be like. This video, I had a hard time sitting still even the first time through. Trying to do the guided meditation was like fingers on a chalkboard to me. I could not clear my mind enough to concentrate on anything he was saying. I would like to think that today was just because I feel a bit anxious, but even the first time just watching it, I felt like I needed to get up and move around. This time through was no different. I felt like I needed to move my arms and my legs. Is this a normal reaction to this video? I really don't know. I guess when I try it again in a few days I will have to see what happens then.

Day 3, December 18, 2019, Powerful Protection Meditation - This is very relaxing rather than a feeling of protection to me. I was able to go through this meditation all the way and visualize everything she spoke about. The rain forest was amazing and the rain felt amazing. The shield was helpful, even after the video was over. I had to go to deal with other people and I felt more myself around them than I have in a long time. I think doing this meditation had a lot to do with that. I did this before I left in the morning. It seemed that I had a better day than I have in a while. I did not feel so bombarded with emotions and thoughts and feelings as I usually do when I have to deal with other people. I am thankful most days that I do not see others very often, but today was almost an enjoyable day.

Day 4, December 19, 2019, Powerful Spiritual Protection Cleansing White Light Mediation - My experience today was rather nice. I have gotten to the point I look forward to doing these meditations. I was able to relax completely today. I haven't had to deal with anyone outside of my family today, so that is a plus too. I love the feel of the white light. I love the idea that it is healing and can heal. I know that I need this. I think this is the one I will continue to work with after this assignment is done. I really like the way I feel afterwards. I always feel complete and relaxed rather than fidgety and agitated all the time. It's been so long since I have felt that way. I feel like my anxiety is lower after doing this meditation too. I do know that meditation can help anxiety but I generally would only use it when my anxiety was bad. Maybe a daily practice will help with that as well.

Day 5, December 20, 2019, White Light Protection “Warrior of Light” - My experience today was similar to the last time I did this one. I don't think this meditation agrees with me for some reason. I thought maybe it was that my anxiety was pretty bad that day, but today it is not. I can't seem to find that place where I can concentrate with this meditation playing. I feel like I need to move. I have to get up and get away or something. I wonder if anyone else has had an adverse reaction to this meditation and if so why? Why do some find this relaxing and helpful while others find it a form of torture. I don't understand why this affects me so, but it does. I'm not sure I can handle another go round of this meditation but I guess I will try it one more time. I'm not sure if it's the voice or what it is but I cannot sit through this meditation.

Day 6, December 21, 2019, Powerful Protection Meditation - My experience was relaxing. I laid down on my bed and played this video through. I was ready to go to sleep by the time it was done. My whole body was relaxed. I really enjoy the walking though the rain forest part of this one. This seems to be what gets me every time. I have always loved being in nature no matter where it be (even my own back yard). This is my happy place. It always has been and I'm sure it always will be. So for me, that is the best part. I can see the leaves and trees so vividly. I can feel the rain and almost expect to be soaked by the time it is done. When I need to relax, I think this meditation will be the one I go to. I know this is supposed to be a protection meditation, but I don't really feel that about it.

Day 7, December 29, 2019, Powerful Spiritual Protection Cleansing White Light Meditation - My experience today was wonderful. I actually felt the white light. It looks like it would be something that burn, but it is warm not burning. It feels like going home after a long time away. It's warm and comfortable. It's like an old friend now which is nice. I look forward to doing this in the morning when I know it's coming up again. I plan to continue using this one every day. The feeling of protection is wonderful. I can call the white light to me almost at will now. It has helped in a few times dealing with someone I have a hard time dealing with. I was able to call the white light to shield myself and it seemed like the interaction wasn't as bad. It didn't take as much out of me. I was able to concentrate and do what I had to in order to get out of the situation at hand. I think this one is going to be very helpful to me.

Day 8, December 30, 2019, White Light Protection “Warrior of Light” - My experience I was not able to complete this one today. It took everything in me to sit through the first couple minutes. I've done a few different meditations and I have never reacted in this manner. I could not sit still. I could not concentrate. I don't know why. I thought maybe the first time it just because I was having a rough day, but I have not been able to get through this one since the beginning. Has anyone else reacted this way to this meditation? I thought all meditations were supposed to be good for you. It feels like this one is not. At least not for me. I have to wonder if I am doing something wrong though. I'm not sure if it's the voice or what but I cannot do this meditation. I cannot sit still as soon as the voice starts. I have to move and get up and do something.

Day 9, December 31, 2019, Powerful Protection Meditation - My experience today was nice. So much nicer than yesterday. I don't understand how these can all affect me so differently. I love the first one I tried. I like this one. I cannot use the middle one I did. I can see how this one would work for protection. I enjoy the visualizations in this one and each time they seem to get stronger and more clear. It has been a while since I've done anything with visualizations that I seem to almost forgot how to do it. These meditations have helped me to bring that back. The first day I had a bit of trouble with the visualizations but today it was easy. As she started talking about the rain forest, the images just started coming. I enjoyed this and was able to follow a long without any problems. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and was able to accomplish quite a bit today.


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