Numbers Assignment

Numbers Assignment

We use numbers every day. I think they should be important to everyone. I am not sure why I have been attracted to numbers my whole life. I would like to say that makes me good at math, but that is not the case. I am terrible at math, but give me a string of numbers and after looking at for a few minutes I can tell you that string from start to finish by memory. I use numbers a lot in baking and cooking. This, for me is both a magical and mundane use but I use cooking and baking for both. I generally try to set some intention before starting and use the ingredients that are going to complete that intention. And of course, cooking is also used simply to feed my family. Numbers are used any time we go to the store or get gas for a vehicle. Numbers are used every where and in every thing. My husband uses numbers when he is making something. He measures what he needs and his materials to make sure he has enough and can do what he is wanting to do. Numbers are everywhere.
My favorite number has always been six. I really could not tell you why, it just is. This number seems to bring me luck and good will. In looking into the number six, I can see why this would be my favorite number. It talks of family and motherhood. The feeling that one is the caregiver. This describes me perfectly. In my family I have always taken on the caregiver part. Even when I did not want to or would have rather taken a different role, the caregiver part always seems to fall to me. For example, I am now the caregiver to my father who cannot live alone any more.
The number 6 can also stand for harmony and balance. I have been looking for both for many years. I cannot say that I have found them yet, but things seem to be getting better. One article also says that Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac. I am a Virgo being born on September 20th. So I guess it really makes a bit sense now that I have done some research on six, that this would be a number that I like because so many things that it represents are me in a nutshell. I had no idea that the number I so liked meant so many things that really resonate with me and who I am and what I want out of life. It does make a lot more sense now though. I just still find it a little bit strange that I would be drawn to a number that so represents me and who I am without even realizing what that number stood for. I guess, though I have been told that the universe works in mysterious ways. This is just one thing that worked for me, in my favor.

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