Journal Your Work

Day 1, December 6, 2019 - My experience was that as I watched the video I tried to do what he was saying to do. I wasn't able to see anything though as much as I wanted to. I think this was due to anxiety today that is a little worse than it normally is. I'm not sure about that though. Maybe I am just out of practice with my visualizations because I haven't done anything with it for a while now. Maybe tomorrow will be better all around. I know that after the first few minutes that nothing was happening I started to get frustrated. I should have stopped right then and tried it again later, but I didn't. That was probably the biggest reason that it didn't work today. I know I would like to blame it on my anxiety, but I can usually work despite it. Heck, my work usually makes it easier to deal with but that was not the case today.

Day 2, December 7, 2019 - My experience today was a little bit better. As I worked through the visualization video, I was able to see the white light around me. I was surprised at how much better I felt after doing this today. I think this will be something that will very helpful to me in day to day life. I was able to feel like myself for the first time in a while. That in itself was a win, but being able to lift the feelings that I seem to get all the time from everywhere was very nice too. I can see this is going to be a help to me in the future. I have not been able to get a control on what I am feeling vs. what I am getting from others in a long time. I think this will help me in my meditations also. So I think this will have a fairly big impact on my life in general.

Day 3, December 8, 2019 - My experience today was better. I can see that this gets easier every time. I plan on continuing with this every day because it seems to help me quite a bit every time. I think I am going to use this before meditation at night before I go to bed, or maybe as a part of my meditation. I felt better after doing this so I think this will be something that I can use every day to help with my anxiety as well. I look forward to seeing continued progress with my visualization as I practice more as well. I feel so relaxed after doing the visualization. It's a nice feeling that I don't get very often anymore. I was able to clearly see the white light around me and to call in the emerald and the violet. It seems like it's getting easier every day too. It doesn't take me as long to see the light as it did the first day.


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