Color Assignment

Colors Assignment
My favorite color has always been turquoise. Turquoise is good for healing and power. Turquoise apparently has a strong healing ability and is said to change color with the owner's health. This could give someone a warning of being sick before they really know they are sick. Ancient kings and queens used to make sure they had turquoise on them at all time because it is supposed to also ward off evil. Some even believe that danger is coming if their stone crumbles at all. Turquoise is good for clarity as well. It is said to help clear the mind and help a person to speak his or her true thoughts.
I would have to say that green represents me the most as a person right now. Although I have always been drawn to blues of all shades for most of life. Many of the blues correspondences could represent me as a person right now, but I still have to say green is the closest because I have been doing a lot of work in my garden. I have been trying to grow as much as I can. I love to work with the soil and the herbs and spices and even the weeds. Lately I have been working on becoming very in tune with Mother Earth. I enjoy my time in the garden and with my animals, I always have.
Of my favorite colors, I can completely understand why I have always been drawn to blue. According to the color charts, blue has a lot to do with depression. I have dealt with depression for most of my life so this may be why I have always been drawn to blues. So this makes quite a bit of sense to me. I was not aware that blue held this correspondence, it may have helped my understanding many years ago had I had this information. Now, it just makes more sense to me why I have always been drawn to blue. For turquoise, the meanings really do not surprise me very much. Even though I did not know that turquoise had healing properties and calming properties, it makes sense that I would like that color and that stone. Between depression and anxiety, I tend to have turquoise on me at all times.
I was not aware of the meanings of turquoise. I do, however, feel that is why I was drawn to it. I have always been big on following my intuition and listening to my body as much as I possibly can. When I am drawn to a stone, I usually have to pick it up. Sometimes I get the feeling that the stone was meant for me, but I have also gotten the feeling that the stone belongs to someone else and I am supposed to get it to them, or to leave it there for another. Most of my crystals have a turquoise tint to them as I have been drawn to the color for a very long time. So I while I did not know the meaning of turquoise, I do feel this is probably why I have always liked the color.

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