What are the Differences

What are the Differences?
Wicca is a religion. Paganism is the umbrella term for many different religions that revere the earth. Witchcraft is used within the religions umbrellaed under Paganism. These are the main differences between the three terms. Of course there are other differences, but these are the main. Wicca and Paganism have beliefs that they hold sacred. Every religion under the term of Paganism has their own beliefs that make up the religion. Witchcraft is the vehicle used to obtain one's heart's desire. Witchcraft is used to manipulate the energies around oneself to make one's desires manifest. Witchcraft is used to focus one's energies on what one wishes to manifest within his or her self or his or her surroundings.
Wiccans generally will use witchcraft, however, not all Pagans use witchcraft. Just because someone says they are a witch, does not mean they follow Wicca. There are many paths that one could be on and still use witchcraft. There are also many paths that one could take that fall under Paganism, yet they may not use witchcraft. So to recap, Paganism is the term that encompasses many paths which includes Wicca. Witchcraft is a tool that Wiccans, and other Pagans, use to focus intent. Not every Pagan is a witch. It all depends on the path he or she has chosen to follow.


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