Tell me about your materia medica. What did you choose to use and why? Did you decide to add any dividers? Did you decorate it? Etc.?
I chose a 3 ring binder, mainly because it was what I had available, but also because it will be easier to add to it as I can move, remove, or add pages as I need to. I did not decorate it yet. I will probably as I begin to use it more but for now it's just a plain binder.
Take two photos of your materia medica. One with the binder closed, and another with one of your pages showing.
Journal your experience. How did you feel about the project. Do you think you will use it in the future? Etc.?
I love this project. I know that I will continue to use it as I continue to learn about herbs and spices. I can't wait to get into the other herbology classes so that I can learn more about all the different herbs that can help people. I hope to pass this down to my daughter later on, if that's what she wants. I think this is an amazing way to pass the information down from one generation to the next.


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