Explain It

It is important to understand how correspondences were decided because this information will help you in creating your spells and rituals. This information was formulated after a lot of what I would believe to be trial and error. There is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel when there are so many places that the information can be found. Our ancestors did the work to determine what correspondence is best for what purpose so there is no reason for us to try to change this. We should use this information that has been passed down to us to make our spells and rituals stronger and work properly for the purpose you are intending. If we understand how these conclusions came about, we are better able to understand how it works which will make our spells and rituals that much stronger. It means that we will also know what colors, scents, numbers, gems, or oils to use to manifest our wish.
No, correspondences don't have to be the same for every person. I guess that it would depend on what is around the person and what represents what in the area they live. Any time that we can put something in our spell or rituals that means something to us, the better the spell or ritual should work. This would just make it more personal to you.
I have always used the web or the library to get the information that I needed. I've never wrote any of it down though because I was never sure that I was getting the correct information. I would love to have been able to find someone close by that also studies the craft so that I would have someone to talk to and to ask so many questions to. However, no one that I know of is in my area so I have lately relied on the web for information. I've tried to go to sites that appear to have correct information but one can never tell with the Internet as anyone can write and publish anything he or she wants to, even if that information is not correct.
Define magick, that is a tough one. It would be easy if one could just say “what you see on T.V.”. Of course I think many of us wish that we could do some of the stuff we see on television. However, we know that is not the case. I would say that magick is the use of one's will and of nature and of the energy around us to make something have a better chance of happening. Magick is making one focus on what he or she wants and using the energy and nature to manifest that want into reality. Magick is all around us, we just need to focus and use it. Sometimes this is a simple as a prayer or as intricate as a ritual. Any way it comes about, we do need to remember to think of all the possible consequences before we do anything.


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