What is Witchcraft

What is Witchcraft?
Witchcraft is part of many pagan religions, but is not considered a religion itself. Witchcraft has been around for centuries. It started by information on healing and rituals that are passed down through the family, usually the women in the family. Many Pagan paths use witchcraft to help accomplish what the person is out to accomplish. Until the witch trials started, there were still many people who followed the old ways but most did so in secret because of the fear being broadcast by Christianity. This is why the Book of Shadows should be highly guarded.
During the witch trials, there were many women who were accused and executed for being a witch. Even if the accusations were not true, the person was arrested and put on trial. Most often, it seems, that they were also found guilty and put to death or put in prison for years because someone accused them of being a witch. Since that time, witchcraft is becoming more popular but is still ostracized in many areas and by many people. Those who do not understand the craft often believe that one who practices witchcraft is aligned with the devil. However, this concept is Christian in nature. Pagans do not believe in the devil.
Witchcraft is the use of herbs, incense, and other tools to help focus intent to achieve a certain purpose. The witchcraft shown on television is great to see, but not what actual witches are able to do. A witch uses witchcraft to send an intent or desired outcome into the universe. This in turn allows the universe to provide what the witch was after. Of course, the witch still needs to
work toward the end goal. We cannot simply put the intent out there and expect it to happen. One must work for what he or she desires. Witchcraft is a resource that one can use to make happen what he or she wants to happen, but witchcraft alone will not do the job entirely.

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