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A bonfire is a large controlled outdoor fire. The most popular bonfire is likely the Easter bonfire, where the fire is lit to burn green waste from the first hedge and tree cutting. A balefire is the exact same thing as a bonfire in so far that it is lit for ritualistic purposes such as Beltane.
The last sentence is incorrect on this one. The balefire is used in ritual rather than just any time one wishes to have a fire. The bonfire is the traditional fire that one uses at almost any time of year. The bonfire is simply not usually of a ritualistic nature, but rather for light and warmth during a celebration.

Best known from the popular saying “the bane of my existence”, it basically means that the person is a a great help to your life. Originally though, a bane was something, most often a poison, that caused the death of a person,
The end of the first sentence is incorrect. Bane is someone that is bothering you or annoying you. They are generally the opposite of “a great help”. It sounds like Bane could be just about anything that is bad to or for a person. Anything or anyone that causes harm could be considered a Bane by this definition.

The act of bestowing negative energies onto a person or object. A blessing can also be an unexpected gift, like carrying a child after issues with fertility and is often considered to be God’s grace. In the context of our own work, one of the first blessings we perform is for our Book of Shadows, so that it may be filled with positive energy and ready for our magickal work.
The first sentence is incorrect. A blessing is dealing with positive energies not negative energies. When we bless something we are instilling positive energies into the item or the person. In every day language, anything that is good could be considered a blessing. This could be something as simple as waking up in the morning to receiving a promotion that was wanted. We call children a blessing because we are lucky to have them.

Charge of the God/Goddess
A poem, which, in its most popular version, was written by Aleister Crowley and adapted by Scott Cunningham although versions predating both exist. The Valiente version is used in Wiccan rituals to invoke the Goddess and has been considered the only liturgical piece in the Wiccan religion. Since Wicca is all about the balance of male and female energies, there is also a piece called the Charge of the God, which is available in a multitude of variations by various authors.
The first sentence is incorrect. The most popular version was written by Valiente and adapted by Starhawk. I don't think I have ever read this poem or heard it. This is probably because I don't follow the Wiccan path. While I know the names Crowley and Cunningham, I don't think I have ever read anything about this either.

Not to be confused with the 90s television “Charmed”.
To have lived a charmed life you were extremely lucky and happy throughout it.
When we are charming an object, we are cursing it with magical purpose, which is how we are turning everyday objects into tools for our spells and rituals.
The final sentence is incorrect. When we charm an item, we are giving it magical purpose. We are not cursing it. To curse an item would be counter productive for what we are trying to do. When we want to charm something, we intend to use said item for magical purposes, so if it were cursed, it would likely work against us rater than with us.

A circle is often cast at the start of a ritual or before performing a spell. It delineates the sacred space in which you are working and keeps positive influences out.
The circle is used to keep the negative out and the positive in. This allows us to ensure that the energy we work with is pure. This is also a way to ensure that the energy stays positive. The circle makes sure that the energy one is working with, is the energy one is intending to work with.

Cleansing something or someone means to remove dirt and grime from that person or item. This can be achieved by various methods such as smudging, salt or running water to name a few. 
While cleansing does mean to remove dirt and grime, this is the cleansing that this refers to. The cleansing referred to here is the act of removing negativity and any unwanted energy from an item. This allows us to ensure that energy left, is energy that will help rather than hinder. This will allow the item to be used in spells and rituals without fear of unintended consequences.

The ritualistic act of cursing an item, mostly book of shadows and ritual tools, to make it sacred. Also popular in other religions such as Christianity and Buddhism.
This is the ritualistic act of blessing an item not cursing it. I don't know that I would want to use a cursed item within a spell or a ritual. I think that would bring consequences that I would not want to pay. According to the Catholic Church, consecration is done to make something holy. They even consecrate the diocese to make sure that it will serve God.
Denver Catholic What is Consecration and why do it? Author Therese Bussen ... why-do-it/

A thin, flexible string made up of twisted strands, which can be brought in various colors, and is used for Candle Magick.
I don't think I would want to use a cord in candle magick as I'd be afraid I would burn down wherever I was working. However, cord magick works wonders too, so I would probably use a cord there. Cord magick is also known as knot magick because one places knots on a cord to trap your desire within the knots. One would use the color that corresponds to the desire he or she is trying to trap within the knots.
Arcane Alchemy Cord Magic Author Arcane Alchemy ... cord-magic

A small doll made to resemble a human being for ritualistic or spellcasting purposes, especially when you are mad at someone and want to get back at them. Often used synonymously with Haitian voodoo dolls.
A poppet should not be used to get back at someone. It could be used to help someone though. I believe a poppet is similar to a voodoo doll so I could understand why it would work similarly. While I know some use voodoo dolls to get back at people who have wronged them, I believe the poppet is not supposed to be used in that manner.

A ritual is a ceremony, religious or secular, that is made up of several actions which are performed in a certain order. An example of a secular ritual would be a specific handshake that is used to greet certain members of a group. In Paganism, rituals never vary  from path to path. While Wiccan rituals often include the evocation of deities, some paths and practitioners only call upon them in times of dire need.
A ritual will vary from path to path. That is the beauty of Paganism. Pagans have the ability to work in a manner that works for them, not the masses. Because of this, rituals will usually not be the same for every person or group of people. A ritual can be customized for the person or the group that will be preforming it.
A piece of clothing worn by some practitioners during rituals and spellwork. Robes are worn every morning when you get out of bed. 
While robes can be worn every morning when you get out of bed, this is not the type of robe being referred to here. This type of robe is used during rituals or during gatherings of a coven. The robe can be used during spellwork also. Any time that one is working his or her path the robe could be worn.

A type of cleansing practiced by the indigenous people of the Americas where candles are burned and the smoke is considered cleansing. Most popular herb for that purpose is bayberry.
The indigenous people burned herbs not candles. The most popular herb used is sage not bayberry. One would light sage and use the smoke to smudge an item or an area that needs cleansed. Many times this is used to help clear an area of negative energy before use.

An action often accompanied by words, spoken or unspoken, with the purpose of getting back at someone, for example, healing, financial success or getting rid of negativity. Spells can be performed on their own or as part of a ritual.
Spells are used for a purpose other than getting back at a person. Spells are used to help draw love, financial security, or a new job to you. Spells can also be used to block negativity or bind a person from harmful actions toward another. Spells can be used to protect an item or a person as well. Spells can be done as a stand alone working or they can be done within a ritual.

Essential Oils
Oils extracted from plants, herbs, trees, and other animal species.  Frequently used in conjunction with other oils and/or creams as a way to imbue them with the scent and energies of the plant material.  Can also be used in an incense warmer/burner in order to make the energies dissipate throughout a space.
Oils are not made from animal species, but rather other botanical species. Botanicals are chosen for the specific things that a person wishes to accomplish, such as sage for cleansing. These oils can be used for many different things such as massage or bathing. The oil one would use would depend on the end result one is looking for.
Herbs are not used in spellwork very often. It is not limited to the popular herbs used for cooking though, because it denotes any plant which has medicinal or aromatic qualities. For it to be considered an herb the green and leafy parts are the ones that are used. A plant can consist of herbs and spices.
  The incorrect part of this statement is the first sentence. Herbs are used very often in spellwork. The herb that one would use would depend on the intention one is after. Herbs can also be used in cooking to manifest whatever it is that a person wishes to manifest. Herbs have different intents that work best for the particular herb so one would do research to know which herb to use for what.

Spices are the same thing as herbs as they are made from same parts of the plant, such as roots, stems, fruit, and barks. Basically whatever isn’t leafy. They are mainly used to season or colour food. Whole spices stay fresh longer as ground ones.
The first sentence is incorrect. Herbs and spices are different, not the same. They are made from different parts of the plant and used for different reasons. Spices are mainly used for cooking where herbs are used in spellwork quite often. However, the same is true of spices and herbs that the reason for using them would be researched to determine the best spice for the purpose.


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