My Guides


These are the highest form of help, those that watch over us and offer guidance to us. The deities are there to help guide you to your best self. I have not found my personal deities yet, so I don't know if or how I will incorporate them into my path just yet.


I am looking forward to working with the fae so much. I see them every day but I'm not sure how to go about working with them. I see them in the garden all the time. I like to believe they are helping to make my plants grow because I've always had more of a black thumb than a green thumb. This time around though, my plants are thriving and I feel that it's because of the fae that I have been seeing in my garden daily.


I believe my familiar just found me. We have some feral cats in the yard and the only boy has decided that I (and only I) am allowed to touch him now. Any time I go outside he is right by my side. I've never worked with a familiar so this will take a bit of getting used to. I'm not sure if a person can have two familiars though. I have a goat that has been showing me some things lately. He was a rescue and I've had him for several months now. I always thought that a familiar had to be a cat, however, I'm finding that doesn't appear to always be the case. I look forward to working with mine and learning all that they are able to show me.

Spirit Animal

I know that all animals has some sort of meaning in the spirit world. I haven't done much research on spirit animals so I don't know the meanings yet. My understanding is that a spirit animal can be any type of animal depending on you and what you need at the time. I hope to find my spirit animal very soon. I just have no idea what type of animal it may be.

Spirit Guide

The spirit guide is usually one who will help you during your meditation. The spirit guide will help you learn your path and give you information you may need when you need it. The spirit guide can help you to speak with your dietiy as well. They can also help to show you how to solve a problem or fix an issue you may be having at the time.


This is generally something that means much to the family or lineage. We don't have a totem, but I believe I'm the first witch in the family so maybe I will be able to find it and pass on to the next generation. I have long had a fascination with the totem poles of the Native American's. Each level has a specific meaning to each generation. I would love to come up with something like that for my family.


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