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Akasha - Spirit – In Hinduism, this is the concept of everything material in the world. In Buddhism, this concept is divided in two, meaning endless space and limited space. In witchcraft this is another name for spirit. No matter the definition used, this concept applies to the ether and is used to help protect one's magickal workings along with the elements. This element helps to watch over us and protect us when called to the circle. This helps to focus the energy to where it needs to be or to go. Spirit helps to communicate with the god and goddess through focus and intent.
Blessed Be - used to extend the blessings of a deity or other sacred beings to another. Also used in the Five Fold Kiss. - This is a phrase that has come to be used outside of ritual as a way of saying both hello and goodbye. It began as a way to wish blessings on a person. Even though this first began in ritual in Wicca, it has become more of a greeting. When I first started along this path, I thought this was something that was expected when encountering another Pagan. However, now I understand that it is not a requirement, but I way of wishing someone well, wether they be Pagan or otherwise. Knowing that it is not a requirement, I'm not sure this is something that I would use on a regular basis just knowing that it came from a ritual.

Curse - magick used with the intent to cause harm. - A way to cause misfortune to another. In Wicca, this is something that should not be done because of the Rede. Wiccan's are not to harm another being for any reason. However, not all Pagans feel this way. Often a curse is thought to be black magic, but that is not necessarily the case. Just because a curse is used to cause someone misfortune doesn't mean that it's black magic, maybe more along the lines of gray. As with much of witchcraft, this is a personal decision that you will have to make. Some use curses often and others don't use them at all. It all depends on your intentions and your feelings on the matter.

Deosil - Sunwise or Clockwise – This is a word that means to follow the course of the sun. Many feel this is the correct way to do things. Of course, in ritual, when casting the circle you turn deosil to cast the circle and widdershins to open the circle. Of course this also depends on where you are. Many feel sunwise is the correct term for definition rather than clockwise because of the words origins. Time was told by the sun rather than a clock. This direction is supposed to bring luck and just be good in general because it's the way the sun moves, or rather the earth moves.

Evoke - to invite the deities, universe, elements into your magickal workings. - defines evoke as “to call up or produce”. When we invite the deities or the elements to work with us in magickal workings, we are evoking the deities or the elements. We are calling them up to help us do whatever it is we are trying to do. Sometimes this may be as simple as lighting a candle and asking for the element or deity to join us. Sometimes it can be done in a more elaborate way. Either way, when we evoke the elements or deities to work with us, we are calling them to our circle to help with our work.

Hex - magick used to manipulate someone or something – This is another form of negative magick that can be used to manipulate. This is another form of magick that many Wiccan's feel should not be used because we are supposed to have free will. Free will is not something that we are supposed to take away from anyone and manipulation can do just that. Although some feel this is perfectly alright to use because they don't ascribe to the law of three or the Wiccan Rede. Personally, I think I would have to have a really good reason to use either a hex or a curse. I don't think that hurting or using another person is a good thing to do so it would have to be for my own or a loved one's protection for me to use something like this.

Invoke - to invite a deity, element or whatever you are working with into yourself. - According to this means the same as evoke. To call forth a deity to work with or pray to. Another definition says that evoke is to call something to you in spirit while invoke is to try to bring the person or spirit forth. With this definition I could see how it would be taken as a voluntary possession. I believe this should only be done by an experienced practitioner as many things could go wrong with this. I would like to try at some point in the future though after I have more experience.

Pentacle - a five-point star encased in a circle – This is often used to represent the elements. Many believe the Pentacle and Pentagram are evil or represent evil, but this is not true. It's been known to represent love, life, unity, and wholeness. For the witch, this is a positive symbol of life and love. Many have the pentacle on the altar as a symbol of the elements. This symbol is also used, along with the Pentagram, in jewelry. This seems to be the most used symbol in witchcraft and some believe it to be a way to tell another Pagan when seen in public. However, this Pagan may or may not be a witch.

Pentagram - a five-point star – The points of the star are said to represent each of the elements in witchcraft. However, this answer will vary depending on who you ask. The upside down pentagram was said to be used by a satanic group because when inverted, the pentagram looks to have two horns. The symbol of the group was a goat with two horns so it seemed to fit perfectly. This could be how the symbol became known as evil, but probably only a part of the reason. When drawn with only one point up, it's said to be representative of the savior. This symbolism is still held by many Pagans.

Rede - another word for council or advice (this is not the Wiccan Rede just the word rede) – Where the Wiccan Rede stats that ye harm none do as ye will, a rede is something that advises a person on how he or she would like to be. The ideal person. This will usually be something along the lines of how a person feels he or she should live. This could be what a person believes to be his or her laws of operation. A person's ethics and morals would be contained within his or her rede. This would be how a person would like to be in a “perfect world” living the “perfect life” within that world.

So Mote It Be - Wiccan way to say Amen or As I Will It – Scottish in origin, this is used in ritual and spell work as a way of saying “I want this to happen”. It tells the universe that you have said all you need to and now wish for the intent to manifest. According to the Freemasons, when Amen is used after a prayer, it's the same thing as saying “So Be It”. I wonder how many Christians realize they are ending their prayers in this way. I wonder if they would continue to end prayer in this way if they did know. Anyhow, this is a way of saying that the spell or ritual is done and now we wait for the manifestation of the asked for item or favor.

The Great Rite - the symbolic union of the God and Goddess at Beltane. Can be done in a multitude of different ways. - This rite is used to symbolize the union of the masculine and feminine within a person or between two people. Because Beltane is the Sabbath in which life is celebrated. This is when the mother comes to be in the year because the earth is giving forth for us all the we need to continue through summer and then winter. This rite celebrates the union of the god and the goddess which allows one to recognize both the feminine and the masculine parts of ourselves and others. This is the time of year for love and for life and for getting ready for the planting and the harvest.

The Watch Towers - the four quarters of elements and direction, called to protect and watch your magickal workings – It is thought that the Watch Towers are the old gods that have been demoted to a position of watching. I don't know if this is true or not but the Watch Towers have long been used to help protect and work within the circle. They are called and released at rituals and during spell work. They also help to provide a special energy during working that helps with the spell or ritual. It is important to remember to thank them when you release them. Some call them with special names and others use the general names to call the quarters. It just depends on what you are doing as to how you evoke them into your sacred circle.

The Witch’s Hammer or Malleus Maleficarum - a publication that was published specifically for the way to identify a witch and how to interrogate them. - This was published prior to the witch trials but was used during the witch trials. It was thought that the Pope at the time endorsed this publication, but there is no clear evidence that this was the case. This publication was used specifically because it told how to determine who was a witch and ways in which one could interrogate them successfully. Of course we now understand that this was obviously not the case because many that were tried and prosecuted as witches were not really witches. Many of the people who were tried as witches we simply people who had issues with those identifying him or her as a witch.

Widdershins - counter Sunwise or Counterclockwise - According to, widdershins is going against the natural direction or counterclockwise. It was once thought that anything moving against the sun would be causing evil. I would imagine this is because it is considered unnatural to move counterclockwise because everything appears to follow the sun or the clock. It is now understood that this does not necessarily mean evil but rather the undoing, as in the sacred circle. My understanding of this would be that if you are doing a spell or ritual to undo or let go of something, widdershins may be the direction you would want to use in the ritual or spell.
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