Moon Phases Essay Questions

1. You are to describe the phases of the moon and what they mean magickally.
The full moon is when the moon is at it's brightest. This is when one should do magic based on growth and learning. The waning moon is the time that the moon goes from full to dark. This is the time to do magic that removes things from you such as bad habits or toxic people. The Dark moon is when the moon is completely dark. This is the time to forcefully remove toxic people or habits from your life. The new moon is the first sliver of the moon in the waxing phase. This is the time to work in magic that focuses on new beginnings such as a cleansing spells. The waxing moon is the period when the moon goes from dark to full. This is the time to do spells to draw something too you. The crying moon is the phase right before the dark moon. This is a good time to release negative energies that no longer work for you.
Learn Religions Moon Phases and Magical Workings Author Patti Wignington ... gs-2562405

2. What is appropriate for spell and ritual work for each phase and why is it appropriate?
During the Full moon one should do spells or ritual work for protection or anything that needs a little extra power. The waning moon is best for magic to banish or release negative energy. The Dark moon is used to deal with attackers or a stronger banishing. The crying moon is good for releasing negative energy and looking for help to deal with old hurts. The new moon is best for new beginnings and drawing spells. The waxing moon is when we work longer spells such as looking for love or money spells.
The Hood Witch Timing Spells by the Moon Author Bri

3. Why is each full moon given its own name?
The naming of the full moons was used by the Native Americans as a way to track the seasons. Each month has an animal associated with it and the moon named after that animal as well. Each animal has something to do with the season and month that the moon is named after. Because of this, the Native Americans were able to keep track of the months and the seasons. Full Moon Names Author Joe Rao

4. What is "Gibbous" and what is its relevance?
Gibbous is more than half, but not full. So a gibbous moon starts when the moon is more than half full or more than half way to the dark moon. Before the gibbous moon, it's simply referred to as a crescent moon. The relevance is that in the waxing phase, it helps to pull but in the waning phase it does not help to push as much.
The Universe Today What is the Gibbous Moon? Author The Universe Today

5. What is the purpose of working with the moon when it comes to magick?
The moon affects the Earth and it affects each of us. By working with the moon we can better attune ourselves to the movements of the Earth. It allows use to work with our light in the darkness. By working with the moon, we are able to accomplish things that may not work so well if they weren't asked for during the correct phase of the moon.
Sage Goddess What is Moon Magic? Author Dr. Athena Perrakis

6. Name one Moon God and one Moon Goddess and explain who they are.
Artemis, in Greek Mythology, became associated with Selene who was associated with the moon and this is how she because a moon goddess. Thoth is a moon god who is usually associated with the full moon. In Egyptian lore, the man in the moon came about though the thought that the moon was the eye of Horus. Apparently, he was god and Isis was the goddess.
Thought Co Moon Gods and Moon Goddesses Author Thought Co. ... ses-120395


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