Lunar Calendars

1. Explain what a Lunar Calendar is.

The lunar Calendar is a calendar that is based on the movements of the moon in relation to the Earth and the sun. Because of this, the lunar calendar is a little longer than the Gregorian calendar. The lunar calendar is actually still used by the Jews to calculate some of their holidays. The lunar calendar has approximately 12.4 lunar months rather than the 12 on the Gregorian calendar.
The Mary Sue Lunar Calendars: How do They Work? We explain in Honor of Rosh Hashanah Author Victoria McNally

2. Explain what a Solar Calendar is.

The solar calendar is based on the position of the sun in relation to the Earth. This calendar, like the one we use now, consists of 365 ¼ days. It appears that the Egyptians were the first to use such a calendar, but it slowly worked into not being correct. This was because of the way in the ¼ day a year was handled.
Britannica Solar Calendar Author The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica

3. Explain what a Lunar-Solar Calendar is.

The lunar-solar calendar is used in Japan. This calendar is based off the seasons as well as the moon. This calendar has a 60 year cycle that also uses the zodiac calendar plus ten celestial stems. This calendar is not very well aligned with the calendar we use today. It consisted of long and short months and would add a month every so often to bring in back into sync with the Gregorian calendar. The Japanese Lunar-Solar Calendar Author J. Noel Chiappa

4. Explain the differences and similarities of all three types.

I think the main difference would be how many days each calendar has. Each calendar uses some sort of heavenly body to set the calendar, the moon, the sun, the zodiac. The lunar calendar follows the phases of the moon, the solar calendar follows the movement of the Earth around the sun, and the lunar-solar calendar is a mix of the two. The Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the one that is now most widely used to track time.
Sciencing What is the Difference Between the Lunar Calendar and the Solar Calendar Author Kevin Lee ... 22648.html

Question: When do the full Moons for the next 12 months fall?
1. September 9/13/19
2. October 10/13/19
3. November 11/12/19
4. December 12/11/19
5. January 1/10/20
6. February 2/9/20
7. March 3/9/20
8. April 4/7/20
9. May 5/7/20
10. June 6/5/20
11. July 7/4/20
12. August 8/3/20


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