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Ritual Lecture

I came to the school early to attend the Ritual Chat with Amber Mackenzie at 9 am my time. I had trouble getting into the school. I was being told there was a database error so it took me a few minutes to get in. Then trying to get into the chat I went through the same thing. Once I got in, it was very informative. I was very nervous about attending my first online ritual. Having this information before attending an online ritual is very nice. I think now I know what to expect when I am able to attend one. I think this information has given me the boost in confidence to be able to attend an online ritual and know what is expected of me before during and after the ritual occurs. I am now actually looking forward to attending the full moon ritual next week. I know where to go to join in the ritual and I know where to find the ritual sheet prior to the ritual. I believe I am now prepared to participate in a ritual with the school. I liked the way the lecture was run. It allowed plenty of