I chose Creating a Book of Shadows because this is one of the first classes that I want to take once I finish the orientation series. Which is why I chose to write about this class in particular. I have tried a few times to create my own, but I have never gotten very far in doing so. Because of this I am hoping that with a little structure and support I will actually be able to finish this time. My expectations from this class are not very difficult. I expect to have the beginnings of my Books of Shadows by the time the class is done. I know that the Book of Shadows is a growing thing that is never really complete which is why I say I will have the beginnings of my Book of Shadows. I am looking forward to this class though because this is something I have wanted to start for a very long time. I know that this class is required for some other classes, but when I first saw this class I knew this was one I was going to take. I have been very impatient to get to this class and I think I am still a bit impatient to get to this class, but I know that it will happen pretty soon so for that I am grateful.


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