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Homesteading in Arizona

Homesteading in Arizona Homesteading is fast becoming the thing to do. Many people see how the world is getting and realize that something needs to change. Homesteading is a way of making sure that a person and/or a family has what he or she needs to survive if infrastructure breaks down. Simply put, homesteading is making one more self-reliant so that one can provide more for their family within their own home. Homesteading can be done from anywhere and each place will have its own challenges and its areas that are better. Arizona is no different. Arizona’s main challenge is the summer heat. Arizona’s temperatures in the summertime can reach up to 120 degrees depending on what part of the state you are in. In this area, we have been as high as 109 degrees. Most of the time this is a dry heat except from July to September when the monsoons hit. There are so many different books and websites that have information on homesteading. It can be a daunting task to find information specificall

Open Chat

I chose to do the open chat this morning because it was the first available that we were able to use for this assignment. We discussed a few different things. We talked about some books, our signs, and our paths. I was pretty anxious going in because I am usually an introvert. I do best on my own. I always have been like this. I can work in a group when it’s required, but I prefer to work by myself. Once I got in the room, I was able to calm down a bit because everyone was friendly. After being in the open chat, I am glad that I did this because I feel that I know a few of my classmates better now. I found that I am not the only one who really doesn’t know where she fits in yet. What path is the right path for me. Several others feel the same way. I know there are many different paths that one can take and each one is individualized to the person so I know that this may take some time to figure out. I am looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead and I know that I can meet them h
I chose Creating a Book of Shadows because this is one of the first classes that I want to take once I finish the orientation series. Which is why I chose to write about this class in particular. I have tried a few times to create my own, but I have never gotten very far in doing so. Because of this I am hoping that with a little structure and support I will actually be able to finish this time. My expectations from this class are not very difficult. I expect to have the beginnings of my Books of Shadows by the time the class is done. I know that the Book of Shadows is a growing thing that is never really complete which is why I say I will have the beginnings of my Book of Shadows. I am looking forward to this class though because this is something I have wanted to start for a very long time. I know that this class is required for some other classes, but when I first saw this class I knew this was one I was going to take. I have been very impatient to get to this class and I think I am
I chose to watch/listen to the Samhain lecture from Savanna Moon this afternoon. I chose this for this journal exercise because it was the only lecture available that I could find in the welcome center. I have always been interested in Samhain and it's probably my most favorite time of year. My mind kept wandering while I was listening to this lecture though. It's as if I couldn't concentrate at all. I've been feeling that way for the last few days. I'm not sure why. I did enjoy watching the visuals in the lecture. Some of them were pretty cool looking. I didn't learn anything new from this lecture but it did refresh and remind me of information that I already knew. I'm fairly new at all of this so, this it was nice to see that some information I have obtained has been mostly correct. There is so much available it's hard to know what is right and what is not. I know that a lot of this information is more based on what feels right to you rather than what

Rough Week

I have to say that I've had better weeks than this one has been. Heck this month has been pretty rough.  Hubby has been recuperating from an accident that happened on Saturday. He was in an off road vehicle and was  hit by a car while crossing the main road. Thankfully he wasn't hurt too badly. He has some scratches and bruises,  4 stitches in his temple, and he is very sore.  Today was the first day he went back to work, so I have been thankful for the school break as I wouldn't have  had much time for school this last week anyway. Top