Starting your Book of Shadows

So, I've been working on something and thought I would give an update on it. I have wanted to start my BOS for a long time and now I finally have. The very first page will be my blessing for the book. Then after that I added Magical Rules I will follow, Code of Conduct, and Spiritual goals. They look like this: I will have an index at the back to give page numbers for everything so I can find things quickly.


Lavender             Lavender has long been used for many different things such as depression and headaches. In the magickal world, lavender has just as many uses from love to warding off evil. Lavender has been around for centuries and has been used for so many things. The medical world is still researching what this plant can and cannot do. Single women would use lavender to keep unwanted men away, while married women would use it increase passion in a marriage. According to some lavender will keep evil at bay and settle an upset stomach. It seems there is not much that lavender cannot do.             In years past, lavender was buried with the dead when they died of the plague. This was supposed to ensure that no one else could catch it from the deceased person. Lavender was found in the tombs of long-ago kings and queens although the reason why is unclear. It was also believed to make lions and tigers less dangerous and it will attract bees to your garden to help with pollinat


Plagiarism is using someone’s work as your own. Of course, this is a broad over generalization of the definition, but it is the most straight forward I could find. Plagiarism can also happen when you simply forget to cite a source you have used. In this situation, it would not be intentional, but it would still be plagiarism. This is why it is so important to cite everything you use to even form your own opinion about a topic.             There are several different types of plagiarism but the most common seems to be the omission of a citation. This could be either intentional or unintentional, but it is plagiarism either way. Another form is taking words verbatim from one or multiple sources and placing it in your own work without a citation. The final form of plagiarism is to use paraphrasing and not citing your sources. It is very important to take down information about every article you read so that you can return later to cite it if you use anything from it (information or id

Your Associations

Air           I would associate with air things that are blue, things that are fast, and things that are clean. For animals I think of things like rabbits, horses and the like. Stones would be anything blue, sapphire and similar stones. Plants I think of light and airy plants like ferns and rosemary. Colors would be blue first off because it looks like the sky or air. Also, white because it reminds me of clouds. Emotions would be happy and joyful. I don’t have much experience with this, but I think that when I think of air, I tend to think light and fast. I would expect something done with air would be fast acting. Spells or rituals using air should be something that can come about quickly although I imagine this is not always the case. Fire           When I think about fire, I see red for the color and orange because they remind me of fire. Animals would be the dragon and the tiger because they are fierce. The gemstone I think of when I think of fire would be ruby or ci

Gemstone Essays

Ruby It appears that rubies can be found in many areas of the world, included the United States. Burma was the main area for rubies at first, but slowly they have been found in other areas around the world such as India, Pakistan, and Myanmar. The ruby is made with high amounts of pressure are exerted on Aluminum Oxide or Corundum. The red color comes from the presence of Chromium. There are many different legends attached to the ruby. One such legend is that the ruby will change color if there is a disaster coming. This would be helpful for farmers and sailors. Knowing ahead of time, that a disaster is coming one could plan to deal with it much better than someone who doesn’t have that time to plan. Another legend is that the ruby will protect the person wearing it. The thought was that the person would have to physically attach the stone to his body for this protection to be most effective though. Some felt that the ruby would have to accompany the owner to the four corners of the ea

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and centering seem to be one of the most important things a person should learn if he or she is going to work with energy. This allows the person to ensure the energy level is good and that it is the right energy for the working. There are many ways in which this can be done and some traditions have certain ways they would like this done, but in actuality, it is up to the person doing this to decide what is the right or wrong way for him or her. One way to center and ground is to imagine either pulling energy from or pushing energy to the Earth. When you are grounding, you are usually pushing excess energy into the Earth with allows you to relax. Centering in making sure that the energy within is flowing the way it should be. The use of visualization in centering and grounding allows you to see where the energy is and where you want it to go. In this manner one can see what is happening with the energy within him or herself to use it more effectively. Another way to ground an

KWL Chart

Know (What do you think you already know about Plagiarism and writing papers): (should be completed already) What (What do you want to know about plagiarism and writing papers. These should be in question format): (Should be completed already) Learned (After the course is complete you will fill in this part. Write what you have learned about plagiarism and writing papers): I understand the problem with plagiarism and it cannot be done. I understand the consequences of plagiarism. I hope I have a better understanding of how to format my papers that I will be doing throughout my time with the school. I hope I have a better understanding of how to properly write out my sources at the end of each paper or assignment. I am hopeful that this information will help me to make sure that I am doing my own work and getting a better understanding of what it is that I am trying to learn.